Amazon Weather & Climate

Amazon Weather & Climate

Amazon Weather & Climate

Picking a country to visit the Amazon can be a harsh decision to make and you should take in consideration all the possible variables, countries like Ecuador, Brazil, Peru or Bolivia share a portion of this magnificent destination, so, in order to make the best possible decision we’ll try to convince you why Peru might be the winner for this one based on a punctual fact shared in this article.

The pressence of the Andean Mountain Range surely has a lot to do with the weather’s particularities in the colindant countries that share this natural phenomenon. Basically what this means is that the seasons that are common in cities or areas that are at an altitude of the aren’t present here. The Andean mountains condition these places to only have two significant seasons, the dry season and the rain season.

Weather in the Amazon

But only a little more than half of the total rainfall occurs during the wet season, and it is hot in the Amazon any time of year, but nominally cooler during the wet season, with average temperatures of 86°F (30°C) compared to the dry season’s 98°F (37°C).

So, it is difficult to say when you can avoid the wet season because it depends on what part of the Amazon you are in.

Matter of Seasons Cycling

Rainy reason in Brazil (which usually is present from December to May) means that there are heavy rains with strong winds to the point where there is flooding and increased rivers’ fluxes in the rivers, this also means that stationary species beging to appear and others, but how does this is explained? Check this list below for more information on this matter:

  • The water supplies are on their top during the rain season, vegetation rejuvenates and therefore a lot of species benefitiate themselves by renewing their homes, not even mentioning that tihs also provides them new food since a considerable amount of species rely on plants consumption as their diet.
  • Mating is also related to these times, since food’s abundance and water availability is full, Amazon’s inhabitants are optimal to behave for mating purposes. However, not everything is good because of this since the many territorial disputes arise because of the courtships that these species engage into.

Weather in the Amazon

  • As another con for this natural phenomenon, flooding can surely menace the rutine that the many Amazon species rely onto for survival. Nestings and dwellings are severely affected in some cases, this of course is related to the places where these are placed or constructed onto, yet, declines in populations and in the most dramatic cases, extinctions are partly the results of this neverending cycle.
  • The rainy season can heighten the risk of disease outbreaks in some species. Stagnant water creates breeding grounds for mosquitoes and other insects that transmit diseases such as malaria and dengue fever.

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