Moray: The Mind-Boggling Inca Ruins near Cusco

Moray, the mysterious Inca ruins located near Cusco, have been baffling archaeologists for centuries. The ruins consist of several huge circular terraces cut into a natural depression in the earth. Although their purpose remains unclear, some believe that they were used as agricultural laboratories by the Incas. Some historians theorize that Moray was used to experiment with different types of crops and soil conditions at different altitudes. 

The circular Inca terraces

The largest terrace at Moray is 30 meters deep and has an average diameter of 75 meters. Other smaller ones are around 15 meters deep and 25 meters wide. Each terrace is separated from one another by stone steps. All terraces form concentric circles which descend towards the center, where there is a small platform. This platform features a well-preserved drainage system which was likely used to collect water for irrigation purposes.

All these features suggest that Moray served as an experimental agricultural field rather than just being a ceremonial or religious site, like many other Inca sites in Peru, such as Machu Picchu or Sacsayhuaman. 

One interesting feature about Moray is its temperature difference between each tier. It is estimated that temperatures can vary up to 15°C (27°F) from top to bottom. This means that crops could be grown at various altitudes making them adaptable to different climatic conditions. This effect would have been beneficial for farmers during times when weather patterns changed drastically, or seasons shifted unexpectedly due to climate change. 

Moray: The Mind-Boggling Inca Ruins near Cusco

In addition, archaeologists have discovered evidence suggesting that this area may have also served as an astronomical observatory due to its strategic location. Moray is located on an area of high altitude plains surrounded by mountains. This place creates perfect views of both sunrise and sunset on certain days throughout the year. This effect was something very important in ancient cultures who relied heavily on astronomy for agriculture.

Moray continues to be shrouded in mystery even today but one thing’s certain. It’s definitely worth visiting if you ever find yourself near Cusco.

Other attractions located near Moray

The Maras Salt Mines, located near Moray in the Sacred Valley of Peru, is a unique and fascinating tourist attraction. The site consists of thousands of ancient salt pans. These shallow pools were carved into the mountainside by pre-Inca civilizations over 500 years ago. Visitors can explore these terraced pools which are filled with waters from an underground spring. 

Moray: The Mind-Boggling Inca Ruins near Cusco

The stunning landscape surrounding the mines provides breathtaking views of nearby snow-capped peaks as well as lush green valleys below. Tourists can take guided tours through the mines to learn about its history. 

Visitors can also learn how the Salt Mines of Maras have been used throughout time to produce essential salts for cooking, preserving food and flavoring dishes. The tour also includes opportunities to purchase souvenirs made from locally harvested salt crystals, such as jewelry or decorative items like lamps and candle holders. 

Visiting the Maras Salt Mines is truly a one-of-a-kind experience that will leave you feeling inspired by both its beauty and cultural significance in Peru’s history.

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