The peruvian Amazon rainforest region with its rich in biodiversity and stunning natural scenery, is also home to a rich tradition of cultural celebrations in many place. One of them is Iquitos, as well the largest Peruvian city in the Amazon and a popular tourist destination in recent years, offering visitors a chance to experience life in a city surrounded by nature.

This region has a culture that harmoniously mixes traditional dances, diverse Amazonian cuisine, and Catholic devotion, giving rise to singular traditions. Peru Jungle Trips invites us to explore the different festivals that bring this region to life, starting with the colorful Festival of the Amazon.

Celebrating the day of the City of Iquitos

Following, the city of Iquitos proudly celebrates its founding anniversary every January 5th. The festivities that showcase the local identity and traditions highlight this day. Traditional dances, handicraft fairs, and art exhibitions take center stage, capturing the essence of the city and its people.

Iquitos Amazon Carnival

Iquitos Amazon Carnival

From February 8th to 10th, Iquitos bursts with joy as the Indigenous Carnival takes over the city. Allegorical floats, lively dances, and a variety of festivities involve all residents in a grand celebration. The event proudly showcases the dances, traditional dishes, and crafts of the indigenous people of the Loreto region. Indigenous Carnival promotes the preservation of indigenous traditions, typical clothing, and regional music, making it a celebration of cultural diversity.

Festival of the River Wolves and Anniversary of Manu National Park

From May 21 to 27, Tambopata hosts the Festival of the River Wolves that goes beyond conventional festivities. It includes awareness campaigns, training sessions, and contests, all aimed at highlighting the importance of Amazonian wildlife, especially the river wolf. This unique celebration provides an educational and cultural experience.

Festival of the River Wolves and Anniversary of Manu National Park

Two days after, on May 29, the Anniversary of Manu National Park is celebrated in the departments of Cusco and Madre de Dios. The event underscores the importance of conservation efforts in this remarkable area. Also, it is a celebration of biodiversity, emphasizing the need to preserve this UNESCO-recognized Natural Heritage of Humanity site.

San Juan Festival

San Juan Festival takes place from June 23 to 25 throughout the Amazon region, and these days Iquitos honoring San Juan Bautista, who is especially revered in Iquitos as he baptized people in the Jordan River, today, this fact is imitated by the residents and they purify themselves in the rivers Amazonas, Itaya, and Nanay. The festivities typically involve grand parties where locals indulge in the region’s cuisine, particularly the traditional Juane dish, whose name is inspired by the saint himself.

San Juan Festival

Celebrating the Earth in Tambopata, The Tourism Week in Iquitos and Ecological Tourism Week

Here you will find three consecutive festivals and events between Tambopata and Madre de Dios or Cusco. First, from September 17 to 23, the Celebrating the Earth in Tambopata festival highlights the connection between Amazonian communities and their land, offering visitors an authentic experience of this special bond. Following that, from September 23 to October 2, Iquitos hosts Tourism Week, an event that promotes experiential tourism and appreciation for the region’s natural beauty. It features gastronomic festivals and tourist walks. Simultaneously, on September 25, Madre de Dios begins Ecological Tourism Week, which includes artistic contests and talks about responsible tourism practices.

These and more events await you when you visit the Peruvian Amazon, for example on November 21, the Department of Amazonas celebrates its anniversary with civic, cultural events, and parades, highlighting the rich diversity of the region, as well, on December 26, Madre de Dios adorns itself with evenings, serenades. More importantly, Amazon festivals also raise awareness about the importance of conserving this vital ecosystem.

Experience these incredible regional festivals through a tour of the Amazon; Discover to Peru Jungle Trips.

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