Iquitos Travel Guide: How to Explore the Peruvian Amazon

Iquitos Travel Guide: How to Explore the Peruvian Amazon

Iquitos Travel Guide: How to Explore the Peruvian Amazon

Did you know that Iquitos, Peru’s main city, is the only one that cannot be reached by road due to its remote location on the Amazon River? Even getting to this incredible location can feel like a once-in-a-lifetime adventure!

Iquitos Travel Guide

This lush tropical city serves as the capital of Peru’s Amazon and is known as the “Gateway to the Amazon.” This is because you will see species that are not found anywhere else in the world.

Below we have prepared an Iquitos Travel Guide on how to explore the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest in the best way possible while also becoming an environmentally conscious traveler.

How to get to Iquitos

The quickest and maybe the best way to get to Iquitos is to fly from Lima, which is only a two-hour flight away. After arriving in Iquitos, you can make the journey by a short boat ride to the lodge you booked to reach the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest. Locals travel the region by river on cargo ships called lanchas.

Iquitos Travel Guide

When to visit Iquitos

Iquitos is an incredible city that can be visited all year because the weather is nearly the same in all months. There are only two seasons, a wet season and a dry season, with temperatures ranging from 20°C to 32°C. The dry season typically lasts from May to September, whereas the wet season lasts from October to June.

Belen's port town

Top attractions in Iquitos

Floating Town of Belen

Belen Floating Town, also known as the Venice of the Amazon, offers a one-of-a-kind local experience as you wander through its bustling market, lively restaurants, and small floating wooden houses.

Thousands of people live in Belen and make their living by selling goods from their canoes.


Amazon River Cruise

An Amazon River cruise is one of the most satisfying nature experiences in the world. It has a wide variety of plants and animals, including over 1300 birds, 400 mammals, 350 reptiles, 400 amphibians, and 40,000 plants! The most popular tour is to see the Amazon pink river dolphins.


Amazon Rescue Center

Another name for this sanctuary is the Manatee Rescue Center.

Abandoned babies and wounded manatees are cared for here until they are healthy enough to be released back into the rainforest.

Visitors can connect with the animals, feed them, and take an educational tour to learn about the challenges affecting this endangered species.

Iquitos manatee

Monkey Island

The monkey island is home to eight different species of monkeys and sloths! It also serves as a rehabilitation facility for wounded monkeys.

The monkey island has currently helped rescue and released over 250 monkeys.

Amazon rainforest monkey

Indigenous Culture Museum

The Indigenous Culture Museum displays the cultural practices of 40 Amazonian native tribes. You’ll also see how they live in the wild by spiritually connecting with nature.

They always try to respect the Amazonian jungles by communicating with the plants, animals, water, and air. Some exhibits contain ritual items, musical instruments, feather art, and survival tools here.

Amazon rainforest natives

If you’d like to experience these and more highlights from Iquitos’s rainforest, check out our tours!


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