Peru is the country with more butterfly species

Peru is the country with more butterfly species

Spending a few days in Peru’s Amazonian jungles is one of the must-do activities while planning a trip there! This is because Peru is regarded as having the greatest biodiversity in the world. It is home to most of the plants and animals in the world. Thousands of butterflies also make Peru their home, in addition to mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians.

Peru is only in competition with countries like Brazil, Colombia, and Ecuador when it comes to butterflies. The country is home to more than 3700 species or almost 20% of all known butterfly species in the world. With this, Peru is indeed recognized as the country with the greatest diversity of butterflies.

So many researchers believe that this estimate is not accurate, and there are many more butterflies to be discovered in the future! Thanks to its varied landscapes and well-preserved natural ecosystems, it is claimed that with the unreported butterfly species the total will exceed 4200 species.

butterflies in Peru

So where can you go to see butterflies in Peru?

Manu National Park:

Manu National Park is said to have the greatest concentration of butterfly species in a single location, with over 1300 species. This is more than twice the number of butterfly species found in the United States and four times the number found in Europe!

It is surely a lot, so don’t miss out on a butterfly-watching opportunity when you are in Peru. You can visit the Butterfly Farm in Aguas Calientes together with the Machu Picchu hike. This is because Machu Picchu is home to 400 different types of butterflies.

butterflies in Peru

Tambopata National Reserve:

You can also visit the Tambopata National Reserve in the Madre de Dios region. It is home to over 1000 different butterfly species. The sightings of the Blue Morpho Butterfly, which are highly desired by tourists from all over the world, have increased the popularity of the 4-day butterfly-watching tour of the Tambopata National Reserve.

The Madre de Dios region is reportedly home to more than 2000 different butterfly species. This makes it one of the most extensively studied places in the world by researchers.

Also, don’t forget to stop by the Tambopata Butterfly Farm. Many different bird species and butterflies can be seen there, as well as exotic flowers and plants like the Brazil nut tree.

You will be able to see the feeding and mating practices of butterflies when you are here. Currently, the Tambopata Butterfly Farm is home to 12 different species of butterflies. The most noteworthy of which include Battus polydamas, Archeoprepona demophoon, and Heliconius erato.

Fortunately, Peru does not have any butterfly species that are severely threatened by habitat loss, deforestation, or the use of herbicides, unlike the majority of other countries. None of the butterfly species in Peru is on the verge of extinction, which is another wonderful piece of news.

This is due to the extensive conservation measures taken by the community to protect the butterflies. It is reported that in the Amazon basin of Peru, particularly at altitudes of 800 meters below sea level, it is possible to view hundreds of butterflies per day.

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