Sacred Valley Peru: The Complete Guide

Sacred Valley Peru: The Complete Guide

While visiting Cusco, the chances of visiting the Sacred Valley of the Incas is almost inescapable considering that almost all tourists consider Machu Picchu the cherry on top for doing tourism in South America. The place holds a charm by the well preserved and old Inca ruins and traditional rural villages.

For this opportunity, Peru Jungle Trips will be able to follow with you the many facts that make this destiny so unique and incredible for your travel bucket list. Here is a complete guide to Peru’s Sacred Valley, including everything you need to know before going.

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What is the Sacred Valley of Peru?

The Sacred Valley a basin located to the north of the city of Cusco, it encompasses several locations like Misminay, Urubamba, Maras and many more (which, if you’re going to reserve for the denominated “Sacred Valley tour”, you’ll be likely visiting).

The weather here in comparison to Cusco itself, is more adequate for agricultural means, since the natural formation of the mountains that surround this whole area provide a concentration of the sunbeams that have a high radiation pressence all throughout the Andean Mountain range.

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How to reach the Sacred Valley of Peru?

There are various ways to get to Cusco’s Sacred Valley. However, the most popular the ones that connect the city’s stops to the towns of Pisac or Urubamba, for these means of transportaion, you can take one of the “colectivos” (which are small buses that go nonstopping the region’s highway throughout the day) the main parades are located in Puputi st. or Pavitos st.

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When to visit the Sacred Valley of Peru?

A general consensus in the world of tourism that is dealt in andean regions bases on the pressence of rain (which is considerably larger in the Andes and could even surprise the unaccustomed).

Generally this also is considered for many other fields’ interests, like the agricultural one, since they obviously depend heavily on rain to grow their crops properly. The months that are marked by the rain’s pressence are coloquially named “rainy season” (usually going from november’s beginnings to april’s beginnings), with its counterpart being the “dry season” (occupying the rest of the year). 

Now, if we consider what’s already exposed, it would be smart for us to travel during the “dry season” to avoid any inconveniences with the weather, which could be harsh during the “rainy season” peak.

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What to do in the Sacred Valley of Peru?

Many tourist fall in awe so much with this region and the many picturesque towns located here that they even plan their trips with the locations where they decide to stay in as their focal departing and returning point.

Without a doubt the competence is hard here, it would depend on the experience of the person in question, yet, most operators will tell you that staying in Ollantaytambo is always a safe bet. The last Alive Inca Town as its called due to the intact and well presserved urban design from incas that endures to this day.

The closest contender may be the town of Pisac with its renowned open street market, which is solely available during the weekends and festive days. Here you’ll be able to find another town that was build during the most famous Inca’s government period, Pachacuti Inca. 

Now, if you feel that you’re not fitting in a tourist-crowded spot, don’t worry! Maybe Calca or Urubamba could fit your plans better, several low-key tourism accomodations are located on Calca and it certainly this place holds a historical importance aswell since it wass the last bulwark of Inca’s civilization in the Sacred Valley (and also the beginning of the Incas of Vilcabamba dinasty, led by Manco Inca).

Urubamba is the heart of economical activity of the valley, so if you’re looking for a high-end accomodation service, you’ll surely find one amidst the plethora of competitive offerings that are present in this section of the Valley, surely, this basin fits all the tastes with some good research and advanced planning (but, where it wouldn’t be?).


The Sacred Valley is another highlight of Cusco’s region, with nothing to envy the rest of South America’s tourism offers, it will let yourself to submerge into the mysticism that is present in this ancient land.

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